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Stephen J. Crothers

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In this article it has been claimed by the astronomers Stefan Gillessen, Reinhard Genzel, and Frank Eisenhaur of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, in Germany, that there is a black hole at Sagittarius A*.

I wrote to the trio of astronomers, challenging them on their claim for a black hole. Gillessen, spokesman for the trio, replied in two subsequent emails, and admitted the following:

1) that not only did he and his co-authors not find a black hole at Sagittarius A*, but that nobody has ever found a black hole, despite the many claims made by astrophysical scientists for black holes being found all over the place;

2) that although the astrophysical community routinely claims that the alleged black hole has an escape velocity equal to that of light in vacuum, the notion of black holes having an escape velocity is meaningless - because black holes have no escape velocity;

3) that the alleged infinitely dense point-mass singularity at the heart of a black hole is nonsense;

4) that he and his co-authors were, until my communication, entirely ignorant of the fact that the so-called "Schwarzschild solution" is not Schwarzschild's solution, and that Schwarzschild's actual solution does not predict black holes.

Notwithstanding these admissions, Gillessen, Genzel and Eisenhaur published a paper claiming a black hole at Sagittarius A*, and black holes elsewhere. They have not published a retraction of the false claims Gillessen has admitted they made.

Gillessen and his co-authors have now resorted to a veil of silence in the face of the scientific facts, which completely invalidate all claims for the existence of black holes and for their prediction by General Relativity. Since these admissions by professional astronomers are of great significance, and since he and his co-authors have failed to acknowledge the facts publicly in a true and honest scientific fashion, and since they have by their silence implicity condoned the suppression of the truth, I make the Gillessen et al communications public. The transcript of the communications is here.


Despite Gillessen's admissions that nobody has ever found a black hole Gillessen and Genzel continue to peddle the lies. On 20th July 2013 this article appeared in the Austrian Standard,

Supermassereiches Schwarzes Loch verwandelt Gaswolke in "Spaghetti"

Gillessen has obtained an ERC Starting Grant to conduct further research into the alleged supermassive black hole at Sgr A*, a black hole he has already admitted he and his colleagues did not find, and after admitting that nobody has ever found a black hole.

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