Stephen J. Crothers

Protest Against the Funding of the Australian International

Gravitational Observatory: Challenge to the Australian Community

of Relevant Scientists (and Their International Colleagues)


Stephen J. Crothers

The Death of Julieka Dhu in Police Custody

The following letter was emailed to the Head of School, Physics, Applied Mathematics, Physical Sciences, (or similar as the case may be) of all major Australian Universities, and to various foreign universities and societies, on 23rd December 2006 and subsequently, with copies to the Australian Federal Government, the Australian Federal Opposition, the State Government of Western Australia, and the State Opposition Western Australia.

Dear Head of School, Physics, Applied Mathematics, Physical Science (or similar as the case may be),

The attached document has been forwarded to the Australian Federal Government, the State Government of Western Australia, and both Shadow Governments, in protest against the funding of the Australian International Gravitational Observatory (AIGO). Some of your colleagues have previously received this document. The document has been previously sent to the Director of the AIGO, the Chairman of the ACIGA, the executive members of the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP), all participants in the recent AIP 17th Bienniel Australian Institute of Physics Congress in Brisbane who presented papers in relation to black holes and/or big bang cosmology, and all participants of the recent XXIII Texas Symposium on Relativitic Astrophysics held at the University of Melbourne who presented papers in relation to black holes and/or big bang cosmology. The document has proved to be a most difficult problem for the "scientists", for the simple and inconvenient fact that it clearly demonstrates that black holes, expansion of the Universe and big bang cosmology are inconsistent with General Relativity as expounded by most relativists, and that is a great embarrassment to science and the reputations of the proponents of these spurious notions. The contents of this document have been published in greater detail in international science journals.

Each of you is invited to have your relevant "experts" provide a technical rebuttal of the document, or a supporting report as the case may be. All persons contributing to the response must be named therein as in any scientific paper. All responses will be collected and submitted to an international panel of scientists for assessment against the attached document, and a report prepared by the international panel. All responses will then be forwarded, along with the report of the international panel, to the Australian Federal Government, the State Government of Western Australia, the relevant Shadow Governments, various international science journals (both specialist and popular), and various relevant science research institutes throughout the world. A full list of those contacted and requested for a submission, with evidence thereof provided, whether they respond to this request or not, will also be sent to Government, Shadow Government, etc.

All submissions must be received by 1st April 2007. The international panel of scientists will then assess them. If no responses are received, the international panel will simply report on the attached document, and the panel's report, along with the list of those requested for response, will be forwarded to Government, Shadow Government, etc.

Since this matter relates directly to funding of Australian science projects, Australian or Australia-based academics are in particular requested to make a submission. However, since this is also a matter of fundamental science, broader international discussion is welcomed, and so the Australian scientists are encouraged to seek the collaboration of their foreign colleagues or have their foreign colleagues also make a submission.

Responses must be in pdf format. As they are received, the responses will be posted to the following website so that all can be freely perused by any interested party:

The report by the international panel of scientists will also be posted to the said website. The international panel will only consider those responses that address the technical issues contained in the attached document.

It is the contention of the writer that all funding of the AIGO in its search for black holes, big bangs, and related gravitational waves must cease immediately, as the AIGO is a gross waste and misdirection of taxpayers' money, its projects based upon fatally flawed theory, and that this latter fact is already known to certain elements of the AIGO and its related organisations, since they were notified long ago, but have ignored it, and that this evidence of the worthlessness of the AIGO projects had not been given to Government for the latter's deliberations on matters of funding of the AIGO Stage II, until the writer did so himself on or about the 13th December 2006.

This matter is also being carefully monitored by members of the international scientific community, many of who have already studied the attached document and vouched for its accuracy. Variants of the document are already posted to the websites of scientific research institutes and other scientific organisations located abroad.

Yours faithfully,
Stephen J. Crothers.

Email for submissions:

The document that was attached to the foregoing email can be read here.

The principal letters to Government, the AIGO Director, and the ACIGA Chairman, are here.

Some of papers referred to in the letters of complaint can be obtained as follows:

1. here 2. here 3. here

List of Recipients of the Call for Submission

1. University of Sydney - A/Prof. Brian James,
2. Australian National University - Professor Aidan Byrne,
3. University of New South Wales - A/Prof. Richard Newbury,
4. University of Adelaide - Professor Robert Vincent,
5. James Cook University - Professor Wayne Read,
6. Griffith University - Professor Peter Healy,
7. La Trobe University- Professor John Riley,
8. Macquarie University - A/Prof. Mark Wardle,
9. University of Melbourne - Professor Geoffrey Taylor,
10. Monash University - Michael J. Morgan,
11. Murdoch University - Professor Philip Jennings,
12. University of New England - A/Prof. David Lamb,
13. University of Newcastle - Professor John O'Connor,
14. University of Queensland - A/Prof. Michael Drinkwater,
15. University of Southern Queensland - Professor Andrew Hoey,
16. University of Tasmania - Professor John Dickey, John.Dickey@
17. University of Western Australia - A/Prof. Ian McArthur,
18. University of Wollongong - Professor Roger Lewis,
19. Curtin University of Technology - Dr. R. (Bob) Loss,,
20. University of Technology Sydney - Mike Ford,
21. Central Queensland University - Dr. Robert Newby,
22. Victoria University - A/Prof. Pietro Cerone,
23. University of Western Sydney - A/Prof. Robert Mulley,
24. Deakin University - Professor Kate Smith-Miles,
25. Swinburne University of Technology - Professor Matthew Bailes,
26. Australian Academy of Sciences,
27. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - Professor John Hearne,
28. Queensland University of Technology - A/Prof. Brian Thomas,
29. Anglo-Australian Observatory, Director - Matthew Colless,
30. Australia Telescope National Facility, Director - Dr. Brian Boyle,
31. Academy of Sciences of South Africa, President - Professor Robin Crewe,
32. Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
33. American Academy of Sciences,
34. Massey University, New Zealand - Prof. A. I. Signal,
35. University of Canterbury, New Zealand - Professor Phil Butler,
36. University of Auckland, New Zealand - A/Prof. C. T. Tindle,
37. University of South Africa - Professor Gabriel Summers,
38. Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences - Per Hedengvist,
39. French Academy of Sciences,
40. Russian Academy of Sciences via Nauka/Interperiodica,
41. University Cambridge (UK) - Professor Peter Littlewood,
42. University of Oxford (UK) - Professor R. Davies,
43. Flinders University - Professor R. T. Cahill,
44. University of Cologne, Gravitation and Relativity Research Group - Prof. Dr. F.W.Hehl, hehl@thp.Uni-Koeln.DE
45. Harvard University - A/Prof. Lubos Motl,,
46. The Indian Physics Association,
47. Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics - Director,
48. UCLA - Professor Edward (Ned) Wright,
49. Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik, Geometric Analysis and Gravitation Group - Prof. Dr. Gerhard Huisken,
50. Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (and its Council for Physics and Astronomy),,
51. Polish Academy of Sciences,,,,
52. University of Otago, New Zealand - Professor Gerry Carrington,
53. MIT, Kavli Institute, Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics - Prof. Jacqueline N. Hewitt, , Prof. Edmund Bertschinger,, Prof. Edward H. Farhi,
54. University of Birmingham, Gravitational Physics Group - Prof. Mike Cruise,
55. The International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation - Executive members,
Prof. Clifford M. Will,
Prof. Robert M. Wald,
Prof. Malcolm A.H. MacCallum,
Prof. Kimio Tsubono,
Prof. Xu Chong-Ming (C.-M. Xu),
Prof. Odylio D. Aguiar,
Prof. Alexei Starobinskii,
Prof. Jacob D. Bekenstein,
Prof. Vladimir B. Braginsky,
Prof. John L. Friedman,
Prof. Patricio Letelier,
Prof. Ray G. McLenaghan,
Prof. Gernot Neugebauer,
Prof. Niall 'O Murchada,
Prof. Claes Uggla,
Prof. Naresh K. Dadhich,
Prof. Raymon (Ray) A. d'Inverno,
Dr. Jeanette E. Nelson,
Prof. Jorge Pullin,
Dr. Alan Rendall,
Prof. José M.M. Senovilla,
Prof. John A. Wainwright,
Dr. Nils Andersson,
Prof. Massimo Cerdonio,
Prof. Piotr Chru\'sciel,
Prof. James Isenberg,
Prof. Andrzej Krasinski,
Prof. Oscar Reula,
Prof. Misao Sasaki,
Prof. Peter Saulson,
56. Austrian Academy of Sciences,
57. Erwin Schrodinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics - Directors,
58. European Space Agency,
59. VIRGO Consortium
McMaster University - Prof. David Venue,
Durham University Institute for Computational Cosmology - Prof. C.S. Frenk,
Leiden University - Prof. Dr. Tim de Zeeuw,
Univeristy of Edinburgh - Prof. Andrew Lawrence,
University of Sussex - Prof. Andrew Liddle,
University of Nottingham - Prof. Peter Beton,
Carnegie Mellon University - Prof. Fred Gilman,
Queens University - Prof. David A. Hanes,
60. Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris - Patrick Peter,
61. Centre National de la Reserche Scientifique - Michel Lannoo,,
62. TAMA300 -
63. GEO600 -
64. Edinburgh University, Department of Mathemnatics - Prof. M. Atiyah,
65. California Institute of Technology - Prof. Sean Carroll,
66. Western Australia's Astronomy & Space Science Community,,
67. LIGO Council Delegates
Abbott, Rich -
Adhikari, Rana -
Allen, Bruce -
Anderson, Stuart -
Barish, Barry -
Bose, Sukanta -
Brady, Patrick -
Braginsky, Vladimir -
Brau, Jim -
Camp, Jordan -
Christensen, Nelson -
Coyne, Dennis -
Cruise, Mike -
Cutler, Curt -
Danzmann, Karsten -
DeSalvo, Riccardo -
Dhurandhar, Sanjeev -
Diaz, Mario C. -
Drever, Ronald W.P. -
Fejer, Marty -
Finn, Lee Samuel - LSFinn@PSU.Edu
Frey, Raymond -
Fritschel, Peter -
Frolov, Valery -
Giaime, Joseph -
Gonzalez, Gabriela -
Hewitson, Martin -
Hough, James -
Johnson, Warren -
Kalogera, Vassiliki -
Katsavounidis, Erik -
Kawamura, Seiji -
Khazanov, Efim -
Landry, Michael -
Lantz, Brian -
Lazzarini, Albert -
Lueck, Harald -
Marka, Szabolcs -
Marx, Jay -
Mavalvala, Nergis -
McGuire, Stephen -
Melissinos, Adrian -
Mendell, Gregory -
Mitselmakher, Guenakh -
Myers, Eric -
O'Reilly, Brian -
Owen, Benjamin J. -
Papa, Marialessandra M.A. -
Penn, Steven -
Prix, Reinhard -
Raab, Frederick
Reitze, David -
Riles, Keith -
Robertson, Norna -
Romano, Joseph -
Rowan, Sheila -
Rüdiger, Albrecht -
Sathyaprakash, B.S. -
Saulson, Peter -
Savage, Richard -
Schutz, Bernard -
Sergeev, Alexander -
Shoemaker, David -
Sidles, John -
Sigg, Daniel -
Sintes, Alicia -
Strain, Kenneth -
Tanner, David B. -
Thorne, Kip -
Ugolini, Dennis -
Vecchio, Alberto -
Ward, Harry -
Weinstein, Alan -
Whelan, John -
Whitcomb, Stan -
Willems, Phil -
Willke, Benno -
Woan, Graham -
Yakushin, Igor -
Yoshida, Sanichiro -
Zotov, Natalia -
Zucker, Michael -
Zweizig, John -
68. Ruprecht Karl University Heidelberg, Institute for Applied mathematics - Prof. Dr. Claus Gerhardt,
69. Astronomical Society of Australia
Prof. Gary Da Costa,
Prof. Warwick Couch,
Dr. John Lattanzio,
Dr Diana Londish,
Dr Marc Duldig,
Assoc. Prof. Anne Green,
Alina Keissling,

List of Recipients of a copy of the Call for Submission

1. Julie Bishop, Minister for Education, Science and Training, Australian Federal Government.
2. Francis Logan, Minister for Energy; Science and Innovation, Western Australia.
3. Kevin Rudd, Leader of the Federal Opposition.
4. Barry House, Shadow Minister for Energy; Science and Innovation, Western Australia.

List of Respondents

All responses will be included in the final submission to the Australian Federal Government, et al. The Australian Federal Government and the State Government of Western Australia have already been called upon to conduct public inquiries into the funding of the AIGO in particular, and into the current funding procedures for Australian scientific research projects in general, including within the ambit of those inquiries investigations into possible misappropriation of large sums of public money by act or omission.

1. A pithy unscientific few line response from one Associate Professor Lubos Motl, Harvard University, USA, 25th December 2006.
2. Professor Mike Cruise of the University of Birmingham, Gravitational Physics Group, responded by placing a block on email in relation to this serious matter - a very scientific response indeed, that evidently settles the issues according to Cruise.
3. Mr. Rhys Davies, School of Physics, University of Melbourne, 8th March 2007, Metric singularities - a note to Stephen J. Crothers. Although Mr. Davies requested me to reply to his submission, he did not utter a single word in response to my reply to him. Evidently, I have to reply to criticism, but he does not!

No other responses were received.

Email for submissions:

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