The International Centre for Theoretical Physics

and its Involvement in Scientific Fraud


Stephen J. Crothers.

The Death of Julieka Dhu in Police Custody

In 2005 the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy, established its Abdus Salam electronic open archive, ostensibly for the free dissemination of scientific papers, the URL of which was

It turns out that this is a lie. The ICTP actually censors papers submitted to it for posting on its archive. It does not matter if the papers have been published in peer-reviewed international scientific journals or not. Any paper which questions the orthodox views, or provides sound theoretical arguments or adduces observational evidence which in some way undermines the generally accepted theory or interpretations of data, is either rejected at the outset, or removed from the archive some time later. No notification or explanation is sent to the author of the paper.

The ICTP electronic archive seems to now have been shut down.

In my own case, I had 11 papers posted to the Abdus Salam archive, with a 12th paper pending. My papers had been on the archive for periods of several weeks to several months. These papers have all been published in peer-reviewed international scientific journals during 2005 and 2006, namely

Progress in Physics

Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences D (Physics)

Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences E (Mathematics)

My work adduces cogent theoretical analysis, within the very framework of General Relativity itself, proving that neither the Black Hole nor the Big Bank are consistent with General Relativity, and documented proof that the scientific historical record of the Black Hole has been deliberately suppressed, distorted, manipulated, and falsified by the orthodox relativists.

Evidently my work has now come to the attention of the International Committee for General Relativity and Gravitation and its associates. For want of given explanation, it seems that members of the Committee and/or their associates have brought pressure to bear on the administrators of the ICTP causing them to erase all my papers. The ICTP is guilty of complicity in scientific fraud, and is clearly actively engaged in the deliberate suppression of science for the pecuniary benefit and the reputations of the Committee members and their associates, in my particular case. My reviews of books on General Relativity at have also been removed without any notice or explanation from Amazon, presumably at the behest of the relativists. It seems therefore that Amazon too has engaged in suppression and falsification of science in the pursuit of monetary profit.

It would therefore appear that my work has been recognised as a sound and thorough discredit of the Black Hole and the Big Bang, for otherwise, why would they bother to remove my papers, if my work is truly rubbish to be simply ignored? No, the fact is that I have been marked as a dangerous adversary, to be silenced at all costs, so that the greatest fraud in the history of science is not exposed. My own papers can be freely obtained here, along with the historical papers of famous scientists which clearly prove the falsification of the scientific record.

I urge any person who wishes to have their scientific papers deposited in a freely accessible electronic archive, to avoid the ICTP Abdus Salam archive and the Cornell arXiv archive (which also routinely censors papers), and instead deposit their papers on the electronic archive of viXra. ViXra has been established by scientists who are concerned about the current decline of science into mysticism and concomitant organised crime. Papers deposited on this site are not censored on account of scientific content.

I also urge any person seeking to publish a paper in an international peer-reviewed journal, to submit their papers to Progress in Physics or to the Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences (the latter covers the whole ambit of scientific investigation) for consideration.

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